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Performative Visit_Katie Lee (AUS)

25. Juli 2022, 18h A performance by Katie Lee “What happens when someone acts, when someone writes a letter or lifts her feet or kills or kisses… For many, the difference between actions and other kinds of events turn on the presence of mental states….And yet how does a mental state like desire or intention […]


With artist Michaela CaskováSun 22. 5. 202211:00 – 18:00 While walking we will forage material that will turn in experimental laboratory into inks and dyes over the weekend. We will together create, share, taste and experience the colour code of weather in the neighbourhood. 

Material Talk_Michaela Casková

Tuesday May 24, 2022 – 6pmMichaela Casková, Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.) in conversation with artist Veronika Hauer Michaela Casková is a visual artist, art educator, designer, nomadic gardener and forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events. Motivated by processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together she keeps moving between different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. As […]

Material Talk_Camilla Alberti

Wednesday August 11, 2021 – 6pm Camilla Alberti, Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.) in conversation with artist Andreas Heller Camilla Alberti (Milan, 1994) obtained a MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA. Her practice reflects on the concept of building worlds, on the roles and relationships that each inhabitant (human and non-human) defines with his being […]

Camilla Alberti

Camilla Alberti (Milan, 1994). She obtained a MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA. As a visual artist, she works on the ways in which the world is constantly constructed and inhabited, focusing on the relationships between the different living species and the space that surrounds them. Recent exhibitions: Plymouth Contemporary, KARST, Plymouth […]

Material Talk_Malgorzata Markiewicz

Wednesday May 26, 2021 Presentation @Landeszeughaus Graz, 4pm (Herrengasse 16, 8010 Graz) Material Talk @Atelier Schillerstrasse 31, 6pm (Schillerstraße 31, 8010 Graz) Malgorzata Markiewicz will introduce her project Medusa in conversation with artist Veronika Hauer. Medusa, 2021 Medusas gehäkelter Körper feiert die schöpferische Macht der Frauen. Medusa ist die Personifizierung unterdrückter Sehnsucht und Tatkraft, die […]

Małgorzata Markiewicz

Małgorzata Markiewicz lives and works in Kraków, Poland. She graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where in 2015 she obtained a doctoral degree. Markiewicz also studied at Konstfack, Stockholm and at the Critical Design Studio at the Faculty of Architecture of the Royal Technology Academy in Stockholm, […]

Material Talk – Jennifer Eckert

Mittwoch 21.10.2020, 18:00 Uhr Davor: Open Studio von 14:00-18:00 Uhr Ein Gespräch zur künstlerischen Praxis mit Jennifer Eckert, Künstlerin und Teilnehmerin am Programm Styria Artist in Residence Das Gespräch wird via ZOOM online übertragen. In experimentellen Forschungsreihen entstehen Arbeiten in unterschiedlichen Medien und Materialien, die aufeinander Bezug nehmen, und das Buch, die Sprache, die Schrift, das Wort, Buchstaben […]

Veronika Hauer

Veronika Hauer studierte am Goldsmiths College London, an der Wiener Universität für Angewandte Kunst und an der École supérieure d’Arts graphiques in Paris. Hauer ist Mitbegründerin und Herausgeberin des Online Magazins zu zeitgenössischer Kunst Nowiswere. Von 2010 bis 2019 unterrichtete sie an der Wiener Universität für Angewandte Kunst (Abteilung Kunst und kommunikative Praxis). Ihre Arbeiten werden […]