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Calibrating . . . November25th, 3.30pm….A performance by Lily Hassioti and Lena Violetta Leitner

November 25th*, 3.30pm-5pmWhere: Die Flösserei – Stadtstrand Graz, beim Puchsteig Embark on a 45 minute long journey along the river Mur with „The Calibrator“, for a ritual of speculative mapping and collective calibration. As this is an outdoor happening, make sure to dress warmly. Blankets will be additionally provided. The performance will be documented. In […]

Material Talk by Lily Hassioti_November 28th, 2023

November 28th, 6pm Atelier Schillerstrasse 318010 Graz Lily Hassioti, born in 1994, is a multimedia artist based between London and Athens and currently St.A.i.R (Styrian Artist in Residence) at Atelier Schillerstrasse in Graz. During the talk, Lily will discuss the notions of mapping, (electronic) sensing and creating networks through her work. She will present a […]

Lily Hassioti_Oct/Nov 2023

Lily Hassioti (b. 1994) is a multimedia artist based between London and Athens. Through site-specific installations, interactive sculptures, video, generative sound and code, she explores and rearticulates relationships of interconnectedness within technological and ecological networks.  Lily holds a BA(Hons) in Fine Art (2016) from DJCAD in Dundee, Scotland, and currently completing an MFA in Computational […]

Niv Gavni_September/October 2023

Niv Gafni (born 1991 in Maayan Baruch, Israel) is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in sound-based art. He currently resides in Jerusalem and maintains an artist studio at the Art Cube Artists‘ Studios in Jerusalem. Gafni graduated with honors in New Music Studies from the Musrara Naggar School of Art in Jerusalem in 2018. Gafni’s work […]

Yeongbin Lee

Ich bin Künstlerin und Geräusche-Sammlerin; ich erforsche hörbare Bewegungenund erarbeite die Visualisierung von Klängen. Seit 2017 beschäftige ich mich mit demThema „hörbare Bewegungen”, vielfältige Geräuschen von verschiedenen Orten habe ich recherchiert und visualisiert. Mein Fokus ist dabei nicht selbst experimentelle Geräusche zu machen, sondern ich sammle alle Geräusche, die ich im Alltag höre und zerteile, […]

Material Talk_Yeongbin Lee, 24. November 2022, 18h

WIE WIR LESEN (Material Talk) Eine Frage: „Wenn Pinocchio keine Ohren hat, dann…?“Franziska Füchsl, Autorin und Buchprovisoria, und ich haben beschlossen, Übersetzungen und Figurationen auf diese angebrochene Frage zu finden. Wir wollen die Geschichte, die alle kennen, die vielfach instrumentalisiert wird, sezieren, auseinander bauen. Franziska Füchsl öffnet Pinocchio durch Sprache, Wörter und Geschichte. Als bildende […]


With artist Michaela CaskováSun 22. 5. 202211:00 – 18:00 While walking we will forage material that will turn in experimental laboratory into inks and dyes over the weekend. We will together create, share, taste and experience the colour code of weather in the neighbourhood. 

Material Talk_Michaela Casková

Tuesday May 24, 2022 – 6pmMichaela Casková, Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.) in conversation with artist Veronika Hauer Michaela Casková is a visual artist, art educator, designer, nomadic gardener and forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events. Motivated by processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together she keeps moving between different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. As […]

Material Talk_Camilla Alberti

Wednesday August 11, 2021 – 6pm Camilla Alberti, Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.) in conversation with artist Andreas Heller Camilla Alberti (Milan, 1994) obtained a MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA. Her practice reflects on the concept of building worlds, on the roles and relationships that each inhabitant (human and non-human) defines with his being […]