Niv Gavni_September/October 2023

Niv Gafni (born 1991 in Maayan Baruch, Israel) is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in sound-based art. He currently resides in Jerusalem and maintains an artist studio at the Art Cube Artists‘ Studios in Jerusalem. Gafni graduated with honors in New Music Studies from the Musrara Naggar School of Art in Jerusalem in 2018. Gafni’s work spans various mediums, including sound, electronics, programming, mechanics, wood, metal, and ready-made. His creations often explore our profound, subconscious connection with the environment and the not-only-human world.
Gafni’s artistic endeavors focus on installations and pseudo-authentic environments encouraging viewers to listen and observe. These encounters serve as gateways to explore deep-seated, inherited elements of human perception.

Niv Gafni – ניב גפני