Performative Visit#1 _Katie Lee

25. Juli 2022, 18h

A performance by Katie Lee

“What happens when someone acts, when someone writes a letter or lifts her feet or kills or kisses… For many, the difference between actions and other kinds of events turn on the presence of mental states….And yet how does a mental state like desire or intention cause the body to move?“*

During the long period of lockdowns in Melbourne Australia, I walked with my dogs for kilometres along the creeks that weave through the outskirts of the city of Melbourne; where urban space begins to loose form. Far from romantic, this landscape also bears the scars of humans at their worst. Things dumped, hidden, abandoned and ruined. Recording snippets of my reflections in audio and video sound recordings my practice shifted from a material practice sculpture, performance and materialising new objects—into a hyper local, internal and dematerialised practice—walking, noticing, watching, experiencing. Emerging now into global context I ask myself, what is worthy of visibility? What needs to be created? And what is already here? I bring these questions to my new body of work ‘nothing new’  where I continue to explore how we perceive, and make visible what the body knows. 

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